Losing perspective..

I saw Forbes came out with the latest “World’s Richest People”.. I browsed through the whole list of like 587 billionaires looking for names I recognize (probably my favorite billionaire is Michael Dell.. I don’t really know why though.. he just seems cool..), the youngest billionaires (#3 youngest is Larry Page, one of the Google guys), and all the Asian billionaires, minus Singapore (nothing against Singapore, I.. I just don’t care about Singapore I guess).. the Asian billionaires were interesting.. I just wanted to see how they made their billions since they don’t live in the “Land of Opportunity”.. and the Europeans.. I dunno, don’t care much for European billionaires.. but as I scrolled through the list.. the net worths kept getting smaller and smaller.. from B Gates @ $46.6 billion down to the $1 billionaires.. I kept thinking, “dude.. that must suck to show up so far down on the list.. like you can’t even brag about being on the list because you would just sound pitiful..‘Hi, I’m Dean White.. you know, I’m tied for 552nd place on Forbes list of World’s Richest People’.. yeah, what a loser!.. hahahah! hahah.. haha.. hah.. ha.. .. damn, $1 billion.. must be nice..”.. that list is distorting.. so to bring you, and me, back to reality.. here are some useful figures I used to calculate based on salaries..

Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric.. made $14.44 million in salary and compensation in 2002.. assmuing he works 40 hours a week, 50 weeks per year.. thats 2,000 hours per year.. dividing his salary and comp by 2,000, we get an hourly rate of $7,220 per hour.. key figures:

    Getting coffee.. correction, getting on the intercom to tell his executive assistant to get him coffee and the morning paper: 2 minutes.. Jeffrey gets paid $240.67
    Practicing his golf swing in his 2000 sq foot office: 30 minutes per day.. Jeffrey gets paid $3,610.00
    Taking a dump at work: 5 minutes.. Jeffrey gets paid $601.67..
    Jeffrey makes $57,760 per day, assuming he works 2,000 hours per year and 8 hours per day.. must be nice..

Who’s the loser now? I am.. I am the loser :mrgreen:..

Speaking of loser.. my friend was telling me about his boss.. his boss is apparently somewhat of a celebrity.. he knows a lot of people, movie stars, European princesses (like, real princesses), etc.. from what I recall, he’s fairly young.. maybe in his late 30s.. has made millions and millions of dollars.. has an attitude like he’s made billions and billions of dollars.. acts and says things that cause his employees to mutter profane terms under their breath in his presence.. why? because he’s a rich son-of-a-bitch and he knows he can be a dick.. anyhow.. one of my friends co-workers bought a couple of the iPod Mini’s for his sisters.. when the boss was walking by.. the idiot co-worker says, “hey boss.. check it out, the new iPod Mini.. finally something I have that YOU don’t.. hehehe”.. the boss stopped, took a look and said something to the effect that they are cool.. picks up the nearest phone, calls his personal assistant and says “David, I need you to do something for me today.. you know those new iPod Minis? yeah.. thats the one.. get me 25 of those by the end of the day.. I want every color they make.. spread the colors amongst the 25.. got that? ok.. thanks”.. he then hangs up the phone and says, “well, now I have 25..” and then walks away.. yeah, money may not buy happiness.. and sure, it may bring you “mo’ problems”.. but you know what? I think money lets you act like a pretty big dick sometimes.. must be nice :lol:..

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