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I didn’t know I’ve been gone for so long.. I thought I had a post last week, but when I checked, I saw that I hadn’t written in almost two weeks.. fact is, I’ve had a lot I wanted to write about.. but I just haven’t had much time.. since our co-worker had put in his 2 weeks, our manager has been trying to making things more comfortable for everyone.. we’ll see if it continues now that the co-worker is gone.. but for the past week and a half or so, most of our meals have been paid for.. some lunches and I believe most dinners.. in talking to the Resigner, we both figured we were getting extra good treatment since he’s leaving.. last week, they talked to him almost daily to see if they could get him to stay.. but he knew they were full of shit.. but don’t take my word, judge for yourself:

PM: “This is the most job secure company in California”
Resigner: “Then why did we have lay offs twice in the past 2 years?”
PM: “Uh.. hmm..”

Manager: “At your age, you should be looking for something less risky”
Resigner: “I’m comfortable with the risk level.. besides, I need to move into management”
Manager: “You’re not that young anymore..”
note: he’s 40 years old

Manager: “So, have you talked to Him about staying?”
Me: “Trust me.. he’s not staying..”
Manager: “Well.. then you’re going to have a tough time without him..”

I can appreciate the fact that they want him to stay.. hell, its in the middle of the project with 1.5 months to go before our Go Live date.. but whats up with the shady tactics? I think their time would’ve better been spend on assessing WHY he’s leaving.. WHAT he’s unhappy with.. and if they really want him to stay, figure out HOW they can keep him based on his concerns.. granted, I still don’t think they would’ve been able to keep him.. they just have no idea where he’s going or what he’ll be doing at his new job..

Once good thing about the Resigner leaving though.. now we have a scapegoat.. a little something I learned when I was 16 years old working at McDonalds.. my homie was the crew captain (big title for 17 year old).. our supervisor had just quit and run off with a dude working the grill (no lie, she was like 35 with 2 kids and married, ditched her family and ran off with a guy named Jose.. we heard they moved to Texas together) and we just got a new supervisor.. my friend was cutting tomatos in the back of the store.. way back, by the freezer.. I just came off break from the basement (yeah, we had a basement).. we were talking a bit then I said, “well, I better get back to work.. my break is over”.. my friend said, “dude.. just chill here.. if the new guy comes, we’ll just tell him the old supervisor always wanted 2 people to cut tomatos”.. sure enough, about 5 minuts later, the super comes by and asks, “why are the both of you back here cutting tomatos?”.. my friend replied, “because Brenda always wanted two people to cut tomatos in case something happened”.. the super sat there for a bit, then said “well, ok.. but in the future, I think we only need one person to cut tomatos” :lol:..

So yeah, now that the Resigner is gone, I’ll be using a lot of the following phrases:

“WTF? are you serious? He never told me I needed to do that?”

“Dammit! He left and didn’t leave the source code or documentation, that bastard!”

“Dude! Where’s my laptop?! I bet He took it! The damn thief!”

“I tried to stop him back then, but he insisted we do it his way, which is apparently wrong”

On a lighter note.. me and the Resigner have become pretty good “buddies” with one of our Indian consultants.. not that we hang out, but we had our daily “cultural exchanges”.. he’d teach us foul language in Hindi and we’d teach him stuff in Chinese or English.. my favorite ones so far are (because of their ease of use):

Lavender – dickhead

Gaandu – asshole

Soover – pig (in a deragatory manner)

I’ve worked with Indian consultants before while working on Siebel.. they’re actually pretty cool, at least some of them.. the best is joking with them about eating beef.. as in, “hey man, let’s go to lunch.. I’m buying.. lets go for some nice big fat juicy burgers!”.. only if they are Hindu though.. Muslims eat beef, but no pork, and Christians eat anything.. so make sure the person is a Hindu, otherwise you really are buying lunch.. anyway, I was talking to this guy about salaries in India.. he said managerial positions at IT consulting firms have started paying more than what is/was being paid in Silicon Valley so they can attract US talent to India.. he also said that although college graduates start off pretty low, when the IT market is booming, they get annual raises that average 25-30%.. he said in the late 90s, when technology was hot in the US, Indian consulting firms were giving quarterly reviews (assessments, I think he called them) with raises of 25-30%.. he said that if the companies failed to pay their people adequately, the workers wouldn’t hesitate in jumping jobs.. one last tidbit.. I was reading slashdot and followed a link to Monster I entered ‘SAP’ as the keyword search and left the location as “all locations”.. there were 161 pages (10 listings per page) of SAP related jobs.. FI/CO Consultants were in very high demand (something also confirmed by my Indian collegue).. I then went to and refined by search to the Los Angeles/Orange County area.. entered ‘SAP’.. there were 6 pages of jobs :shock:..

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