Taiwan elections grow near..

As the presidential vote grows near, more people at work are talking about who they’re going to vote for.. although I dont think anyone is ever serious.. so I guess one of the ways you show support for your candidate is to wear their colors.. I think “blue” is for the incumbent president and “green” is for the challenger.. there’s been growing specualtion and talk of rioting regardless of who wins.. I’ve been advised by many to stay indoors on Saturday.. but I dunno.. seeing those images of South Central residents looting stores and burning stuff during the Rodney King riots looked really interesting.. we’ll see how it goes.. I got my eye on a Hitachi 50″ LCD TV at this electronics store :lol:.. on the way to work today, our manager was saying there’s some kind of “association” of people who want Taiwan to be part of the United States.. its called like the “51 Association”, as in 51st state.. yeah, like that’ll ever happen.. shoot, Taiwan doesnt even have any oil.. speaking of which.. I saw this article on Yahoo News today about how the rest of the world thinks the US will try to dominate the world and control the world’s oil supply.. yeah, so what? what’s the rest of the world gonna do about it? :lol:..

I did a good deed yesterday.. we were walking back from dinner and an old man on a scooter dropped his spare helmet on the street while waiting at a light.. I saw him reach for it but he couldnt reach it.. he had a 5 gallon jug of cooking oil or something between his legs so he couldn’t dismount and pickup the helmet.. I bent over and picked it up for him.. he looked really surprised and he kept thanking me.. that made me feel good.. like I really helped someone.. it should make up for all those times I kicked my neighbors dogs and beat their cats.. just kidding.. I kicked the cats and beat the dogs.. just kidding again..

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