My take on the whole Taiwan election thing..

Ok.. it probably doesnt mean much to anyone in the US.. but here, its all anyone wants to talk about.. the Taiwan presidential election and the controversy.. the incumbent president was voted the winner by a margin of about 30,000 votes out of 13 million votes.. or 50.1% versus the loser’s 49.9%. Much like the 2000 presidential election back home, the loser wanted a recount. So, based on my conversations with locals and what I’ve read at Taipei Times, here are some strange events surrounding this election:

    When the assasination attempt was made on the incumbent president the day before the election, the shooter used homemade bullets.

    The bullet that struck the president, pierced one side of his jacket, skimmed across his stomach (requiring 14 stitches to mend) and the bullet hit the “other side” of his jacket and lodged itself in his jacket. Based on this “finding”, most experts agree that the shooter had to have shot from a very long distance so that after the bullet skimmed his stomach, it didnt have enough velocity to pierce the other side of his jacket.

    Homemade bullets, one would tend to believe, would not be as accurate as a manufactured bullet. Yet it is believed that the shooter shot from a very long distance, striking two targets, the president and the vice president.. two shots, two “kills”. And when I say homemade, I don’t mean bullets that were loaded at home. I mean completely homemade bullet, aside from the bullet casing.

    The exit polls said that the challenging presidential candidate should’ve won. The American company that conducted the exit polls said that this was the first time their exit polls did not coincide with the true election results.

    The bookies that took bets on the election also had their money on the challenger.

Ah, oh well.. the elections don’t really mean much to me.. its just interesting to listen to people talk about it with such conviction.. and, in case you didn’t know, everyone in Taiwan is an expert.. an expert on anything and everything.. so of course, these discussions are usually quite animated..

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