Outsourcing revisited..

Yeah, I’m just a wild man today.. 3 posts in one day.. woohoo! Anyhow.. I read this BusinessWeek article on Yahoo News.. it pretty much sums up the outsourcing situation and what can/should be done about it.. the title of the article is “One Giant Global Labor Pool?”.. and that’s pretty much what it is.. the author talks about “salary equilibrium” and how outsourcing could weigh on US salaries and even standard of living. He has some interesting numbers and facts in the article, I read it earlier today, you can read it now.. I’m not going to regurgitate it here.. but in the end, he/she says this:

How can the U.S. avoid that? It can’t entirely because globalization has a life of its own. But striving to keep American workers ahead of the pack would help. To achieve that, federal and state governments as well as Corporate America must put a much stronger focus on education and training. The U.S. has been struggling to improve its kindergarten through 12th-grade schooling for years, with only middling success so far. Plenty more needs to be done, especially for smart kids from lower-income families who still often don’t get the educational and social support they need to succeed in school.

And thats really about it.. for years, the US had the most skilled and most educated labor force.. and now, other countries are catching up. If the US doesn’t stay ahead, then we will get left behind. In my “circle”, its a pretty well-known fact that Japanese cars are generally better made than American made cars. We choose to purchase Japanese or German cars because American made cars for a variety of reasons.. style, quality, reliability, etc. So what should the government do? Should they say that US citizens are not allowed to purchase imported vehicles? or should it be the responsibility of the American car company to improve quality, style, and reliability or risk being forced out of the market?

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