I think the title prety much says it all.. sucks.. their customer service sucks.. they’re the only business on the internet that I know of that cannot cancel an order even though the item I purchased was on back order and still has not shipped. They also lack the ability to change the shipping address, the shipping address that their screwed up order form messed up. I’ve sent 2 emails and made 3 phone calls to customer service. Each CSR gave me a different answer. ShopNBC is an example of why CSRs should be outsourced. If you’re a CSR and you’re doing a crappy job, then your company might as well give your job to India.. at least they’ll save money.

While I’m writing about stuff that sucks, I just wanted to add my little tidbit again that Abeam Consulting sucks.. as soon as this project is over, I’m going to add “Ruin life of Abeam consultant” to my list of hobbies.. in talking to more of the locals yesterday, I realized that everyone that has ever come in contact with this prick hates him.

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  1. I just did a search for “Shopnbc sucks” and got this blog. I cannot say it better than you did as everything you experienced is exactly the same thing that I’ve gone through.

    They have some kewl stuff, which is why I order it in the first place…but you better pray that nothing goes wrong and that you love the merchandise because I have never in my entire life seen worse customer service.

    People need to know how bad they really are. My last experience is that I ordered a lamp that was damaged, apparently, in transit according to Federal Express. ShopNBC would not refund my credit card nor issue a new lamp until they have the old one back. Even then, I had to buy a new lamp at a higher price to replace the damaged one. I still don’t have either lamp nor my money. (I had bought two as a set, and one arrived safely.) It has now been three weeks since I placed the original order.

    I’ve also had the same experience about the address change situation as you spoke about. I hate them. I hate them….

  2. Today I recieved in the mail a nasty letter from Shop NBC. Over the past 10 to 12 years I have ordered alot of items from them. However very early this last year nearly every clothing item I ordered was too large. Resulting in a return. Of course most items were sold out in the smaller size. Since April 08 I have ordered to the best of my memory nothing. So out of the blue I get this letter today, stating they are considering stopping my shopping privliges. So this confuses me. I call the customer service number and talk to this dingbat, who proceeds to tell me the letter doesn’t mean anything at all. They just send these out if you have’nt shopped in a while????? OKAY?? So like why not send me a “we have missed you” letter then? Response: Oh this is our standard letter. So my response was I shall not be doing any more business with your company again. And if the sizes would fit right, I wouldn’t have to send them back for smaller sizes. So NBC SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QVC seems to work pretty well and they do not complain ever…..

  3. Also my anger level is high with Shop NBC and I am seeing Green. Just had to add that. I do not hate anyone so I can’t say that. Just very angey at this company and they do SUCK as I stated earlier. Thank You All for letting me vent.:mrgreen:

  4. Don’t shop NBC! I got a call from a women in their credit department, after I changed my credit card number online, wanting my new card number because – – and get this – – one department does not communicate with the other. What is worse, the call came in on my caller ID with my state’s prefix, my neighborhood’s three digit prefix and ficticious four digits to follow. I thought it was a neighbor calling. Naturally I refused to give my credit card over the phone and hung up. A call to Qwest revealed that SnopNBC often illegally interdicts caller ID and Qwest is livid about it. Their investigation may land on the desk of the FBI. ShopNBC also did not return my email complaints – – they did not want me to have a record – – and I had to call and speak to the CEO’s secretary. Bad business! Bad business administration. Bad public relations! And bad policy! Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

  5. shop nbc absolutely sucks! i ordered a sharp aquos lcd tv on one of the hourly specials. turns out they oversold the tv’s (big surprise). shipping was supposed to be 10 days. i never recieved any email stating the delivery would be delayed however the day it was supposed to arrive i called to confirm. you guessed it, i was told it would take another 7 days. well, today is the seventh day and low and behold i called to confirm and was told the delivery was delayed again! needless to say i had a few choice words for the person on the phone and told them to cancel my order and refund my money. luckily they agreed. NEVER again will i EVER order from shop nbc!!!

  6. Talk About Sucks.
    I was just on hold with Shop NBC for 28 minutes before a CSR got on the phone and told me that I don’t have a credit. After I told her it was on my statement she then told me I would have to talk to the bank which doesn’t just suck it down right blows!!!. After another 3 minutes an indian woman got on the phone and told me the credit would go through… for once I wasn’t so stressed out with the bank. THANK GOD FOR HSN AND QVC!!!

  7. SHOP NBC ran a credit check on me through the credit bureau and it appeared under “inquiries” in my credit report. I did not request credit from them, nor give them my social security number. All I did was select “value pay” for an item I bought using my AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD!!!!! When I called and complained they said they advertise value pays based on “credit approval”–I said, yeah, approval of MY credit card I am using–I asked them how they were able to run a credit check on me without my approval or my social security number and they said BY MY ADDRESS only. This has got to be illegal. This warrants a class action lawsuit. Nobody in their right mind would think that SHOP NBC would run a credit check on an item they were using a non-shop nbc credit card for. NO PERMISSION GRANTED, NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!! They basically said “too bad”–the very rude customer service woman say it had been over a month since my item was SHIPPED (not received) and I COULD NOT return it–that if I sent it back, they would SEND IT BACK TO ME. Never again–these are sleazy people.

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