Sennheiser MX500 earphones..

Yeah, its not really technology.. but I was so surprised at the quality of sound that I had to write about it somewhere.. but yes, I finally got a pair of good earphones.. I’ve had tons of earphones, usually some pair that was thrown in with some kind of audio device.. CD player, MP3 player, whatever.. I must have hundreds of earphones sitting around. Being that I’m from the era of “ol’ skewl bass”, the bigger the driver/speaker, the better. So I was pleasantly surprised with the Sennheiser MX500s.. I’ve read a lot of good things about them, but I never imagined that such a small speaker could produce decent sound. The highs are present and the lows, surprisingly, are also represented. I had a pair of those flimsy Panasonic headphone things with the foam pads that I figured must sound better than any earphones.. but I was wrong. They also come with a little inline volume control for those times when you can’t reach the main volume. It also comes with one of those wind-up protective cases.

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