A good article about the effects of outsourcing on education.. or vice versa..

Here’s a good article from the San Jose Mercury News.. In short, it basically talks about how college students are either not majoring in engineering or computer science anymore.. and how students currently enrolled are abandoning their majors in engineering and computer science.. there’s also mention of how some companies claim they need to outsource because the US education system is not good enough and fails to teach enough math and science or something.. this last statement I don’t really agree with, although I have no evidence to backup my opinion.. by making a statement like that, then we would have to assume that every Indian or Chinese kid that graduates with a degree in computer science or engineering is smarter or better prepared, compared to a US student, to join the high-tech work force.. prior to actually spending any prolonged period of time in Taiwan, I, as most of the American public I’m sure, had, ingrained in my mind, the sterotype of a Chinese/Taiwanese employee or student.. hard working, studious, extremely smart, etc etc.. and yes, I can say without a doubt that there are those in Taiwan or China that match or supercede this stereotype.. but working in Taiwan, I have also met some of the most unmotivated and lazy individuals I have ever worked with. I find this situation to be no different than the US. So, going back to the statement of the US education system not preparing its students for the real world.. I think its more of an issue that the US education system or even US businesses not providing the proper motivating or competitive factors that help to “push” a student or employee to reach higher goals.. I mean, after reading the article, I immediate got the sense that instead of standing their ground and fighting it out, these students would rather take the easy way out, pick a new major so as to avoid any potential competition from outsourcing.. yeah, maybe I’m stretching it a bit.. and I can sit here at my desk at work saying all this BS because I am employed and I’m not in “their” shoes.. but in reflecting on my own beliefs, if my job was being threatened by outsourcing, the first thing I would think to myself is: “what can I offer to my employer that outsourced labor cannot?”..

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