Nothing really specific to say today.. really I just wanted to let everyone know about a search engine that “crawls” for blogs.. its at www.feedster.com.. its pretty cool in that whatever you search for, it will search for in blogs.. well, anything with a “feed”, which is predominately blogs.. here’s what they say about themselves:

So What is a “Feedster”?
In the world of weblogs or “blogs”, the term “feed” refers to a “RSS Feed” which is an XML based data format that allows a blog’s contents to be accessed via another program. Since we were building a search engine for blogs, we made one that indexed “feeds” and the result was Feedster!.

What we do is really very simple — we make a search tool that allows users to tap into the ever growing world of weblogs. Every day people use Feedster to look for information, monitor what’s happening in the world and more.

Of course if I’m searching for something serious like “how to fake a fever“, I’ll still use Google.. but just to give you an example, I entered ‘hsinchu taiwan’ into Feedster and I found this guy’s blog, 35togo.. he’s one of those photo bloggers.. but anyway, anytime you’re looking for someone’s personal opinion, its a perfect search engine for the job.. it is a little slow though..

At work, we’re facing some issues that may force us to delay our “go live” date again.. I don’t remember if I wrote about it.. but a while back, we had decided to delay until May 1st.. at the time, the consultant PM (henceforth known as ‘The Dick’) blamed us (the expats) because he said we didn’t take care of our issues, which would allow the project team to get sign-off from the users, which would’ve allowed the Dick to proceed with his data conversion, which would be our first step towards going live.. at the time, the expats were all pissed because we felt that the reason we didn’t get sign off in time was because we were basically going over things the consultants had already gone over.. so if they had done a good job in the first place, we wouldn’t be in that situation.. but the Dick is a little moody bitch.. so no one wanted to possibly risk our May 1st start date so we swallowed his bullshit and carried on.. so, about 2 weeks ago, we finally finished our “part”.. the Dick was now ready to begin his first “real” test, migrating data to SAP.. he’s had a month to work on it (while we were busy mopping up his mess) but shortly after he said his migration was complete, the users began to realize that the data migration was crap.. he totally screwed it up.. after some lengthy meetings to discuss the reasons for the failure, he began to “back away” from the whole data migration fiasco.. he simply said, “data migration is not my responsibility.. I was simply a coordinator” :shock:.. hmm.. anyhow, without a successful data migration, we couldn’t begin end user training.. so now it looks like we’ll be delaying until June 1st.. when the Dick heard about the possibility of a second delay, he had the nuts to say to us.. “well, me and my people are finished with our jobs.. we’ll be leaving tomorrow then..” 😆 .. I got to hand it to this guy though.. he either has really big nuts or he’s just really stupid.. but I’ve worked with numerous consultants back home and I can’t remember any of them telling me that they would be rolling off a project before its completion.. this is just one story in the saga of why Abeam Consulting sucks.. I don’t think I mentioned it before.. but Abeam is also responsible for Winbond’s SAP implementation failure.. Abeam consultants where supposed to “implement” SAP 4.7 there.. only ONE module.. MM (thats Material Management).. of course it needed to be integrated into their legacy systems.. but to make a long story short.. Winbond went live on SAP.. they weren’t able to ship product for one month following that go live date because their SAP was so screwed up.. I didnt research it, but I bet Winbond’s stock price really took a dive that month.. hell, that whole year..

3 thoughts on “Whatevas..

  1. what a little bitch that guy is. that’s what i hate the most…. when people are first to jump on someone else to blame them for something (even when it was their own fault), and when they try to slide blame off of themselves and onto others when they screw up. unfortunately, i have to say that most people i know in the workplace are like that. that little bisatch needs to get in trouble for messing up the project DLs.

  2. :lol:.. not meant to be a bad thing.. it was meant more like, “those other bloggers” besides the kind that spew useless nonesense, like myself.. I guess I should’ve placed emphasis on the “photo” now that I re-read it.. regardless, I enjoyed your pics..

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