“Increasing the Value of the Domestic IT Worker?”..

Saw this over at Slashdot.. its a link to the discussion on a question posed by one of the readers.. lots of lame comments to sift through.. but there are a few “gems” in there.. here’s a sample:

Don’t forget to vote with your dollars as well. Support companies that don’t ship work overseas, and don’t purchase products or services from those that do. I know that it’s not always practical, but an honest effort will go further than apathy.
It may be a little more costly, but no one said defending principles or even freedom would come cheap.

Exactly which principles or freedoms are you defending by not buying from companies that use overseas workers?
The freedom to deny people in other countries jobs? Or the principle that the rest of the world owes American residents something?

How cheap is it to defend useless isolationist policies that will cause the US to sink into an economic rut and become a backwater, third-world economy? Anschluss didn’t work last time round, and it won’t work this time either.

Its been really hot over here in Taiwan.. yesterday, it was probably about 80 degrees F by 7:30am, climbing to what felt like 150 degrees during the afternoon.. while I was waiting to board our shuttle, the driver was telling me the reason its so hot is because everyone is using their air conditioner.. and since the air conditioner displaces warm air with cold air, it makes all of Taiwan warmer.. although I’m no metorologist, I’m sure weather is related to other factors, more than the fact people use their air conditioners :roll:.. as a consequence of the heat and humidity, body odor has once again become an issue.. walking by a few BO carriers yesterday.. I made the observation that BO is able to be detected by my nose from up to two cubicles away.. or about 20 feet.. someone with some marketing skills should really consider making it a lifetime career to market deodorant to Taiwanese nationals.. and while they’re at it, market orthodontic/dental services, toothbrushes, mouth wash, and toothpaste :lol:.. I saw a delivery guy yesterday.. he had a cap on his front tooth.. one of those caps that goes on the back of the tooth, you know? Anyhow, the thing about it though, was that the front tooth had pretty much decayed away.. and the only thing left was the silver cap.. but since it was a backside facing cap, it just looked like he had a hollowed out tooth.. it looked weird.. reminded me of a pirate’s tooth or something.. I dunno :lol:..

One thought on ““Increasing the Value of the Domestic IT Worker?”..

  1. hmm… i thought i commented on this back then… or maybe my comment got rejected 😕

    why oh why don’t the asians, in such hot and humid conditions not wear deoderant? how can they not?
    hot hong kong day.
    standing next to hot sweaty man on train.
    hot sweaty man raises his arm to hold onto rail above.
    sarah faints.


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