SAP Going Live

Well, today is the day.. we’ve been making final preparations for the past few days.. the users are all pretty freaked out.. thinking the sky is going to fall.. but personally, I’m not really scared of going live.. I was ready back in June.. although I only play a small role in the big picture, I never thought there was anything that couldnt be handled manually.. with this implementation, I think a lot or functions were automated using one big custom program that interfaces with production planning, material management, and sales and distribution.. so if the interface has a hiccup, then it will affect all three modules.. so they’ve come to rely on the “interface” as a critical part of this implementation.. we’re currently making the final data conversions.. loading inventories, open orders, etc.. the schedule says we should be operational by 5:30PM.. we’ll see..

Update: Its 10:20pm my time.. still at work.. apparently the data conversion is slower than expected.. that, or the data converter was just overly optimistic.. I’m supposed to stick around unil the data is loaded, checked, then my “team” will try to create some sales orders and ship some product.. right now the earliest estimate is 12am.. we’ll see..

On another note, while I was standing outside waiting for the typhoon to come (its supposed to come today.. big wind, big rain..), I saw these road construction guys roll up in a dump truck, a forklift, and 2 mini-dirt movers.. I guess one of my co-worker’s car was in the way of their project (don’t know what the project is, but the dump truck is parked on the sidewalk).. so the guy with the forklift just lifted his car, moved it about 50 feet into a parking space along the curb. The parking space was too small for anyone to get into (parallel parking on the street).. but still, it was just weird to see a guy in a forklift decide to move someone’s car and park it somewhere else.. I ran (ok, walked) inside and told the guy.. he didnt seem phased by my news.. we went outside and I showed him his new parking space.. I told him it was just weird to see that.. he calmly said, “this is Taiwan”.. yes, it is..

Update: I dunno whats up.. but there aint no typhoon here yet.. it was supposed to hit tonight.. but I just went outside to see if it was here yet and the wind even died down.. there were probably 20-25MPH gusts of wind earlier today.. but when I went outside, the sky was clear, the moon was bright, and the winds were calm.. the only thing is its cooled down a bit.. about 80 degrees F.. down from the mid 90s we’ve been having the past few days.. you’d expect to see Satan cruising down the street in these temperatures (and “conditions”.. hellhole, remember?)..

Also, scratch the Scion xB off my list.. my brother is getting rid of his 96 Civic and getting a Scion xB today.. oh well, I think its too square anyway..

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