SAP Still Going Live

Yeah, we’re still not truly live yet.. we’re about 24 hours behind right now.. although we havent run into the fiasco that Winbond’s Abeam consultants had to deal with (since we were still able to ship product and Winbond couldnt for one month following their implementation), we’re not running into “show stopping” problems.. small problems, but problems that affect our ability to ship.. our boss (the one we all are willing to crown as “The Boss”) stayed at the office on 6/30 and 7/1, staying up a total of 40 hours before he decided to go back to his apartment to get some sleep. I ended up staying until 1:30am on the promise that the data conversion would be finished and I would be able to create some sales orders and ship some stuff. But that never happened. I got to work this morning around 11:30AM and we’re just been “putting out small fires” ever since then. Things are looking OK though.. once these little “bugs” are out of the way, we should be about 85% operational.. I know we’ll run into other problems and errors, but I dont think they’ll be anything we can’t deal with.. speaking of “bugs”.. when I was working with Siebel Professional Services.. one of the guys, Dave.. can’t remember his last name.. but Dave always used to stop people when they said “bugs”.. it’d be like:

Me: “Dave, there’s a problem with the address fields.. I think its a bug, but..”
Dave: “Ah ah ah ah.. wait a sec.. there’s no such thing as a bug..”
Me: “WTF are you talking about, Dave?”
Dave:”They’re undocumented features”

That got a laugh out of me back then.. Dave was a funny guy.. and Parag was cool too.. he was the first Indian guy that really taught me all those dirty Hindi words.. we’d keep a list on the white board in my office.. and all the other Indian Siebel consultants that came and went would contribute to the board.. I remember one of them meant like “toilet cleaner”.. but when I asked the Indian guys here, they didnt know what I was talking about..

The typhoon is here, I guess.. I say “I guess” because its weak.. its just raining, really.. and somewhat windy.. but nothing like I imagined it would be.. I heard the clouds are really low.. I’ll have to go check it out in a bit before it gets too dark.. I’ll report more later since I think we’ll be here late tonight again..

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