I’m Still Here..

Man, its been about 3 weeks since I last wrote.. it hasnt been extremely busy here or anything, although there are days when we have never ending meetings and training sessions.. I’ve learned more in the past 2-3 weeks than I have in the past 9-10 months, I think.. after we got going on SAP, I was much more involved in the day to day activities.. I’ve also learned some more of the technical aspects of SAP, which is what I really wanted all along.. with the project wrapping up and things around here settling down into their daily routines, we’ve been begging to go home early.. although most of the time our begging is met with ambiguous and cryptic answers, things are looking a bit more positive.. last we heard, “no one can go home until after the Go Live Party at the end of August”.. so, even though our boss didnt say we could go home early, he basically said “dont think about going home before the end of August”.. which is at least encouraging.. so I’ve started thinking about going home in September.. of course, that may not be the case.. but thats what most of us are hoping..

I’ve started looking at cars again.. one car I kind of like is the 2004.5 Volvo S40 T5.. with the Sport Kit (body kit and 18″ wheels), it looks pretty good.. but I dunno.. its hard to get over the fact its a Volvo, you know? And you can tell Volvo understands this.. because when you go to their website and click on the S40, like its all animated with funky music.. you’d think you were at the Scion website or something.. and I’ve also been checking out the used car scene.. Autotrader.com mainly just to get an idea of where car prices are.. whats sad is, when I left for Taiwan, I pretty much “gave” my car to my dad (took over my payments, actually.. but left me with no equity or cash).. I bought my IS300 in May 2003 for $21,500 with 22k miles.. today, its hard to find a 2001 IS300 with comparable mileage for around the same price.. there are lower priced cars in the Autotrader, but they’re usually salvage titles..

Not much else going on.. I’ve gotten a video rental store membership at this wanna-be Blockbuster.. seems Taiwan gets movies a little later than the US because just a couple of weeks ago, Torque came out on DVD.. but I saw that on DVD when I was back home 2 months ago.. its a crappy movie, by the way.. “what is it about people who drive cars that make them suck assholes?”.. uh yeah, right bro.. totally lame script that tries to make real bikers relate to this movie.. my friend, an ex-biker (sport biker, I guess), said he and his other buddies watched the beginning of the movie and turned it off like 30 minutes later.. hahah.. I was atleast able to sit through all of Fast and Furious at a preview showing.. I thought it was quite entertaining.. mainly because we would all laugh when the “racer” in the movie said stupid things like “yeah, and how about that Motec exhaust?”.. we’d be like, “yeah, as if Motec made exhaust.. HA HA HA”.. or “dude, no way that Integra would hang with that Supra”.. crap like that 😆 .. I haven’t watched 2Fast2Furious yet.. not really looking forward to it though 😐 ..

I’ve also been thinking about school again.. I’m definitely not looking forward to 3 more quarters of school.. but I have to finish.. I contacted the student advisor and she said to give her a call to discuss my options.. if I enroll in this coming Fall quarter, I wont have to re-apply.. if I take more time off, I’ll have to re-apply.. which she assures me is not a big deal.. but it just sounds scary.. man, I’m going to have the oldest laptop at school.. the new “kids” are going to laugh at my P3-1GHz 😎 ..

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here..

  1. dude, I just went to Volvo’s site, what’s up with the animated-intro? “to roll”! the S40 is cool though, would you consider a
    V50 or a V70? 2 kids now man. speaking of Scion, what do you think of the tC? I’m waiting to read reviews on the TRD version.

  2. Haha “Fast & Furious” was enough already.. you gotta love those lame lines. Paul Walker is a hottie though but still, doesn’t justify the crappy movie! I can imagine how “Torque” is.. what about “Biker Boys?”

  3. 1L: Yeah, Volvo seems to really be trying to freshen up their image.. I don’t really like Volvos.. the styling just never really appealed to me.. even with the S40, if it doesnt have the body kit and some 18s, it still looks kind of plain :???:.. the Scion tC looks interesting.. I hope Toyota is able to build up enough “hype” to create a large aftermarket base, like Honda has.. I think the tC will be a worthy competitor to Acura’s RSX.. but I’m trying to get away from the “Honda Scene”.. not that I don’t like it.. but having a car like that is just a money pit for me.. and I already have my Mazda Money Pit in the garage 😆

    Anne: Don’t watch Torque.. I never saw Biker Boyz.. but my friend did.. he said Biker Boyz was lame too.. but I imagine it was one of those things where him and his friends were like “dude, check that out.. no way that Ducati would beat that R1 in that decreasing radius turn! HA HA HA!” 😆

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