Article: Fast Company | Balance is Bunk!

Fast Company | Balance is Bunk!

A friend sent me this article and although its 7 pages, I found it was a good read.. the article basically says that the idea of a “balance” between work and home life is essentially dated and/or dead.. first the author, Keith H. Hammonds, describes what is known as the “happy workaholic”.. if a person is happy working all the time, with no time for a social life.. then who is to say that this person should have balance? Second, the author points out that the American and European idea of “balance” is going to be crushed by competition from developing countries.. basically, either you do it, or cheaper Indian or Chinese outsourced labor will. One thing I found interesting was that the author states that France is even reconsidering their 2000 law that made the work week only 35 hours. In the end, the author basically says that “balance” should not be a short term goal.. its basically intangible and so subjective that you’ll go crazy trying to acheive it.. instead, he says that a person should just see work and home life as one.. and in the end, things will balance out on their own..

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