The Quest for the Asian Barbie

Ever since my older daughter got into Barbies, I felt she needed an Asian Barbie. Actually, I didnt think anything of it. It was my wife that pointed out that perhaps she shouldn’t just have all blonde haired, blue eyed Barbie dolls.. giving her the impression that, I dunno, only blonde hair is beautiful? I dunno.. anyway, I thought about it and figured, “yeah.. they have African American Barbies.. they must have a multipurpose Asian Barbie”.. so the search began.. I didn’t think it’d be hard.. but Googling for it, I realized there are others who are also on a quest to find an Asian Barbie or have Mattel make an Asian Barbie.. my wife said Teresa is supposed to be Barbie’s ambiguously Asian friend because she’s a brunette.. my own search found that possibly Kira is also an ambiguously Asian FOB (that’s Friend of Barbie for you uneducated ones).. searching further, I found, like, collector Barbies.. Asian Barbies in traditional dresses or gowns.. but that’s lame.. so is Japanese Barbie going to jump into the passenger seat of Barbie’s Corvette with Barbie herself wearing a bathing suit? Sure, you can change Asian Barbie’s outfit.. but why isn’t there a “regular” Asian American Barbie who wears regular clothes? Just because Asian Barbie is Asian, doesn’t mean she NEEDS to only be presented in a traditional Asian outfit.. anyhow, once I got back to Taiwan.. I figured SOMEONE in Asia must see the need for an Asian doll.. whether its Barbie or a fake Barbie.. it didn’t matter.. I mean, there MUST be an Asian doll somewhere in Taiwan.. so I went to Toys R Us in Hsinchu.. I looked up and down the aisles.. I saw some Japanese rag doll looking thing.. but strangely, the doll looked more Caucasian than anything else.. I saw the My Scene dolls.. there was one doll that has Asian looking eyes.. but frankly, I think those My Scene dolls are a little absurd.. rather than teach your child that blonde hair, blue eyed is “normal” (as with Barbie), you teach them its OK to look like a hooker (as with My Scene dolls)?.. anyways.. I searched and I searched and finally, I found something!.. yes.. an Asian Friend of Barbie, who really looked Asian.. not ambiguously Asian, but really Asian..

Asian Friend of Barbie Slaving Away for Barbie and Ken

Yes.. a real Asian Friend of Barbie.. but whats that? Is she washing Barbie and Ken’s dishes? Is she making them breakfast (see the toaster).. is this how Barbie and Ken treat all of their friends? I don’t think so.. either Barbie and Ken are incredibly unhospitable hosts or Asian Friend of Barbie is actually Asian Servant of Barbie.. or Asian SOB.. you decide..

Ok, they do have a Michelle Kwan wanna-be ice skater Barbie.. but come on.. how come California Barbie doesn’t come in an Asian variety? Oh I get it.. the only Asians that Barbie hangs out with either serve her or entertain her, is that it? Where’s the Asian Ken driver?

If Barbie was Miss Daisy:

Barbie: “Kenishi, you’re my best friend”
Asian Ken: “No, go on Miss Barbie”
Barbie: “No, really, you are.. you are”
Asian Ken: “Yessum”

2 thoughts on “The Quest for the Asian Barbie

  1. So, I’m not the only one! I have been on a similar quest as well! I am an adult collector and finally found several on ebay, but have been outbid many times… perhaps there are others on this “quest”! I am so glad that I found this article, because I have had many of the same experiences and share your opinion, as well. Thank you.

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