Project FC3S S4 Update

Ok, so I sat down to think about all the parts I have and all the parts I’ll need to finish building my RX-7.. I knew what I had, but didn’t really know to what extent I guess.. meaning, when someone asked, “oh, do you have a fuel pump?”.. I’d think about it and respond, “oh yeah, I have a brand new Cosmo fuel pump that I bought like 10 years ago”.. but if someone were to ask me everything I had, I’d usually just say, “man, I got tons of parts.. almost everything I need”.. so alas, here is what I have..

Haltech E6S w/ Harness
MSD 10mm Ignition Wires
Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator
XS Engineering Cast Turbo Manifold
XS Engineering Custom FMIC
Turbonetics TV45 Turbo, P-Trim 0.84 Tangential Exhaust
HKS Racing Wastegate, 50mm valve
HKS EVC I Boost Controller
HKS Large Diameter Turbo Exhaust
Racing Beat Light Steel Flywheel
Racing Beat 6-Puck Race/Strip Clutch, Solid Hub
Racing Beat Street/Strip Pressure Plate, Turbo
Racing Beat Lowering Springs, Cut
Tokico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Shocks
Mazda Cosmo Fuel Pump
Mazda FD3S Rotor Housings, New (2 pcs)
Mazda FD3S Rotors, Milled for 3mm Apex Seal, Used
1991 FC3S Intake Manifold
1991 FC3S 5-Speed Transmission
Wangan/Drift-Style Rear Spoiler
Side View J-Style Racing Mirrors
Front Headlight Vent (Border?)
After Minor Change Round Taillights
Summit Racing Aluminum Battery Box
Greddy Peak Hold 60mm Boost Gauge
Apex’i EL Series Boost Gauge
HKS Turbo Timer II
Kenwood Tape Deck/CD Changer
Momo Anatomic Shift Knob
Momo Steering Wheel w/Cracked Dried Out Leather

As you can see, I have most of the parts I need to get the car running.. the main issue, at least in my mind, was always that once the car was running, I was afraid the motor would blow.. the motor thats in there now was a Mazda re-manufactured engine that was replaced under warranty back in like 1990.. after it was replaced, I re-installed my downpipe, put in an HKS FCON, HKS EVC with the Manual setting set at 15PSI, High @ 12PSI, and Low @ 10PSI.. the car stayed that way for 2 years.. about 40k miles with 2 out 7 days per week spent “racing”.. a guy that used to work at Mazda told me my engine was doomed to failure.. anyway.. enough history.. so after I had that list, I sat down to think about what I needed to finish.. here’s what I have so far:

Haltech E6X with FC3S Harness or HKS VPro with FC3S FCON harness
Racing Beat Oil Cooler Stainless Steel Hose Set
Racing Beat Aluminum Main Drive Double Sheave Pulley
Racing Beat Aluminum Alternator Double Sheave Pulley
Mazda 13B-REW (FD) Stationary Gear
HKS 5408-R45RE Iridium Spark Plugs (Heat Range 9)
HKS 5408-R50RE Iridium Spark Plugs (Heat Range 10)
XS Power Pack
1000cc Top Feed Fuel Injectors (4) – MSD, Blitz, or HKS
GP Sports G4 Body Kit

Now for some brief explanation:

Haltech E6X or HKS VPro – Eddie @ Dynamic Autosports and Eric @ XS Engineering both couldn’t stop talking about the VPro and how great it was.. sure, it’s a “nice to have”.. but I’d settle for an E6X simply because Haltech said they would have a plug in harness available soon for the FC3S.. and Haltech, I think, is much easier for the “weekend tuner” to tune..

Racing Beat stuff – just to be safe.. and “why not”

13B-REW Stationary Gear – Eric @ XS Engineering said that the oil groove is a little deeper for better lubrication.. he said something else, but I was distracted by his chewing (if you ever meet Eric, watch him eat)

HKS spark plugs – highly recommended by Eric

XS Power Pack – highly recommended by Eric (gee, I wonder why).. but I’ve seen the benefits of higher voltage ignition, thanks to Mike Ferrara and his 1969 Camaro SS back in high school.. plus I’m sure Eric would give me one for free 😆

1000cc x 4 fuel injectors – I read how lots of people go with 550cc primary and 1600cc secondary.. Eric said that most injection systems can handle the transition OK.. but he suggested going with 1000cc x 4 for greater flexibility.. but he said I could go either way.. hey, since I’m in a shopping mood, I’ll just get 4 new injectors..

GP Sports body kit – see my previous Project FC3S post.. you’ll see why..

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  1. […] I took a quick trip at lunch over to XS Engineering just to talk shop for a bit (and to deliver lunch ).. you know, keep me motivated to finish my Project FC3S.. I’ve known one of the owners for quite some time now.. I think he was 17 when we first met and he tried to sucker me into a race with a Mustang GT (like a 1990 5.0 liter) with a 250 shot.. he didnt get me that time, but he did rip me off on a Rotary Engineering 2.5″ downpipe for my RX7 later on.. anyway, its always a treat to visit XS Engineering.. the shop is something you’d expect to see in like Option Magazine.. 3 lifts, 2 dynos.. more Nissan Skylines than most people have seen in a lifetime (in the US anyway).. Toyota Supra twin-turbos, turbo Nissan 350Zs, a bunch of FD3S RX7s, S13 and S14 Nissan 240SXs, Evo 8s, etc.. you get the picture.. anyway, while I was there today, a guy from Universal Pictures came by to pick up Eric’s Lexus GS300 for the 3rd installment of The Fast and Furious, titled, Tokyo Drift. They’re paying him $250 per day to use his car.. his S13 240SX is also with them and has been for 11 days so far .. too bad they werent looking for a relatively stock 2005 Infiniti G35.. his GS300 is going to be one of those “extras”.. but his S13 is one of the 6 cars on the “opposing team”.. I guess that’s the team thats against Paul Walker’s team.. anyway, here are some pics of his XS Engineering turbocharged Lexus GS300.. […]

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