Why HKS V Pro?

I’ve been asked why I want to use an HKS V Pro over the Haltech E6X.. and all I can really tell you is that Eric Hsu @ XS Engineering and Eddie Kim @ Dynamic Autosports both said so.. both shops are certified HKS V Pro tuners so they have the V Pro “key”.. for those that don’t know, you can’t just plug in your laptop and tune your own V Pro.. you need to have a “key”.. Anyhow, Ed just kept saying that the HKS V Pro is “bad ass”.. he’s currently using it on his own racecar and after a few dyno sessions, the car is running pretty good and made a strong showing at the Formula D Finals this year.. When I asked Eric why he preferred the HKS V Pro, his explanation was that he preferred the HKS V Pro maps.. he admitted that perhaps he thinks the HKS V Pro maps are better and easier to use because he has much more experience with the V Pro maps.. but he said that Haltech kind of takes pride in saying that their software is easy to use and tune because of their map structure.. Eric disagrees.. but like I said before, I was ready to just use the Haltech E6S that I have.. so anything is a step up for me.. but yeah, I guess if I had a choice, I’d go with the HKS V Pro.. I guess I should throw in that Eric also suggested using an FD 13B-REW motor, harness and ECU and then using an Apex’i Power FC.. but nah.. I don’t want to go there.. don’t want to spend the extra cash either.. using a 13B-REW in an FC3S is almost like using an SR20DET in an FC3S.. blasphemous..

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