2007 BMW M3??!!

Although they are only spy shots, the car looks like a Volvo to me :lol:.. I’m sure it’ll be nice though.. I remember when I first saw the 1988+ (?) BMW M3.. the 4-cylinder boxy one.. I liked it.. test drove one (it helped when we pulled up in my friend’s 1986 BMW 325i.. of course, this was back in like 1989) and ripped off the shifter trying to slam 2nd and get rubber :lol:.. then in 1994, my friend (same friend), upgraded to the new M3.. at first, I didnt like it.. didnt differentiate itself much from a regular 3-series in 1994.. but after a few months, and seeing some modified ones, I changed my mind.. when the 2001 or 2002 M3 came out, it was, without a doubt much better than the old one.. so I’m confident the 2007 BMW M3 will be better than the old one.. and even if it doesnt look better, at least its got a lot of horsepower..

Here’s a link to the Edmunds.com spyshots:


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