My 2006 Lexus IS350

Ok, so maybe the title is a little deceiving.. I dont OWN a Lexus IS350.. although if I did, this would be my color combo:

2006 Lexus IS350 in Breakwater Blue Metallic
2006 Lexus IS350 in Breakwater Blue Metallic

Black Perforated Leather Trim with Available Auburn Bird's-Eye Maple Accent
Black Perforated Leather with Available Auburn Bird’s-Eye Maple Accent

I always wanted a blue IS300.. I think Spectra Blue Mica was the first blue available on 2001s? I cant remember.. but thats the blue I wanted.. when I got my G35, the blue didnt really match the car.. I think the SBM looked good on the IS300 because the car was smaller.. it looked sporty.. blue on the G35 looked toy-ish.. anyhow, I just browsed the color choices for the 2006 IS350 and IS250 and I like the Breakwater Blue Metallic.. since the new IS350/IS250 is bigger, the Blue Onyx Pearl on this model makes the car look toy-ish.. the traditional silver is always a winner, but chances are, that will be the color in the 2006 IS350 ads and that will be the color that 50-60% of the IS350s on the road will be.. so to be a little different, and satisfy my cravings for blue, I think I’d go with Breakwater Blue Metallic.. the color doesnt seem to show well on the Lexus site.. but I trust its a nice color anyway.. if you get a chance, check out the puke green.. that’s going to be the color of the car that’s advertised as the “One Only at This Price!”.. either that or that color IS will be part of the dealer’s loaner fleet.. and I cant believe Lexus is offering gold on the new 2006 IS.. that gold makes every car look like a Camry..

The black leather doesnt need any explanation.. I’m not normally a wood person, however, it looks OK with the black leather.. perforated leather, I should say.. the new IS350/IS250 interior buries the old one.. I never really liked the 2001-2005 interior.. although I did like the gauges a lot.. this interior is truly deserving of the Lexus name..

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  1. Nice quote…… As an engineer, I believe in technology and the refine of technology. German car maker is the pioneer for mechanical technolgy. However, Japanese car makers, especially Toyata, refine and turn the bold of technolgy into elegance and sophistication. What can be more beautiful once we can combine the macho of mechanical engineering, the sophistication of technology into the elgance of fine art….? This IS 350 has showed us that. Remember this: the performance with-in luxury.

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