Apple iPod Nano Class Action Lawsuit?

Riding on the wave of recent class action lawsuits against Apple’s iPod (battery life), now comes a proposed class action lawsuit against Apple’s iPod Nano because it “scratches easily” :roll:.. it’ll be interesting to see how this develops.. but when we got the iPod Nano, I already knew it was susceptible to scratching.. I mean, the whole front of it is just plastic.. polycarbonate resin or whatever they said.. how is this different than if I slip my cell phone into my pocket with my keys? Maybe I’m missing something here.. but it sounds like a bunch of BS to me.. I bet if anything comes of it, Apple will just offer a free case to iPod Nano owners and pay an obscene amount of money to the lawyers who brought the class action lawsuit against Apple..

You can read more here.. there are 2 law firms involved.. here’s a link to one of them and the press release..

Hagans Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP

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