Blingo: Free Stuff While You Search!

For those of you who havent heard of Blingo, its a search site that is based on Google (you basically access Google’s results through their site). Whats different is, they give out prizes each day to “random” users who conduct searches through Blingo.. some of the prizes that I’ve seen are movie tickets, Visa gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and the seemingly unobtainable Apple iPod Nano (although it looks like someone won one yesterday) and Sony PSP.. they have stats on their site that update contantly showing who won what and from where..

Here’s their explanation of their service:

How does it work?
It’s simple:

1. We pick a bunch of random winning times.

2. Search at the right time and you win, instantly. No registration required.

3. Then tell us where to send the prize.

Clicking search results or sponsored links does not increase your chances of winning, and you’re limited to 10 qualifying searches per day. The best way to win on Blingo is just to use it whenever you want to search the web.

Yes, it’s that simple.. since the results are the same as if you used Google, I’m simply using Blingo now instead..

Click here to sign up and get your chance at winning a prize!

Here’s a link to pictures of loot people won from using Blingo.. crazy


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