A New Look

You regular visitors may have noticed my site has taken on a new look. I finally found some time to upgrade to WordPress v1.5.2. Having done so, made available a bunch of themes other, more talented WordPress users have created for the benefit of us less talented WordPress users. I’m really amazed at what some people will do for the benefit of others in the WordPress community.

To give proper credit, my site is using the Connections theme made by Patricia Mueller. I still need to change it up a bit so as not to look exactly like the creator’s own website though :oops:. Thanks Patricia and thanks to everyone that has contributed to WordPress.

While I’m at it, I should plug another piece of open-source software written by Jason Cleeland, PHPSurveyor. For my marketing research class, we needed to complete and administer an internet survey. I looked at a few different packages, but most lacked a lot of features that a survey SHOULD have so as to minimize bias (cookies, randomized answers, etc.). And overall, most open-source solutions just lacked many features that you would expect in a survey (conditional branching, scale answers, attitude scales, etc.). I did find one called Opinio, but it was $750. I didn’t even bother with the ‘lite’ version. PHPSurveyor pretty much had everything I was looking for and it was available under the GPL, can’t as for much more.

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