Lexus IS350 VDIM Disable!

So I was cruising my own links when I came upon a short comment on 6togo (yeah, I got an Infiniti, I couldn’t wait 10 months for the IS350 :cry:).. “Lexus IS Has Secret Cheat Code that Enables Massive Peel-Outs”.. AKA how to disable VDIM.. I followed the links and wound up at

Here’s the procedure to disable VDIM, electronic steering, etc.. the only thing that stays enabled is the ABS:

1. start the car with the parking prake on
2. then foot brake twice, keep the foot brake down after the second time
3. then parking brake twice, keep it down
4. repeat until skid light is on the dash
5. it will reset when you restart the car

At first, I was really sceptical.. so I read up to page 5.. take it for what its worth, it was from the internet, after all.. however, if I had my own IS350, I would try it.. hell, this procedure is a lot like the factory ECU reset procedure for my G35 :lol:.. anyway, here are a few comments from people on

i was able to confirm that the sequence code does atleast keep the trac off light showing on the dash display. i ran a test on a sharp turn and kept the wheels spinning at over 40mph. that light still stays on. i would not recommend it for daily driving, the back wheels are broken loose very easily. sure it’s cool to know it is available, but time to move on.

Well just got back from taking My IS350 w/sport setup to an scca event.

The disable VSC/VDIM trick works for certain and turns all the gadgets off. No question. I was able to hang the ass out on turns and whatever else I wanted. Had a blast!

However, VDIM when enabled really is pretty good stuff for giving you a nice strong run on a course for amateurs and probably a lot of mid-level guys too. When I muffed one of my runs and did a DNF I enabled VDIM for the rest of the course and was pretty impressed. It really does not get in the way for the most part unless you run a really bad line and screw a turn.

Here’s a pic of a 2006 Lexus IS350 laying some good rubber..

2006 Lexus IS350 without VDIM

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