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Well, I’m back in school trying to get a MBA at the UC Irvine Graduate School of Management Merage School of Management.. this is my last and final year.. the last year is the best, I think, because thats when you take all your elective courses, classes that are more specific to certain fields.. for example, I’m taking F251 Marketing Research this quarter with Professor Wheeler.. he’s a cool guy.. especially since he’s into cars.. I handed him a copy of DSport Magazine and as he was flipping through it, he actually “knew” the car parts.. like camshafts, connecting rods, pistons, etc.. which brings me to the point of this post.. for class, me and 3 other classmates decided to use DSport Magazine as our class project.. we met with Mike (THE publisher of DSport) and learned that he had a problem.. DSport’s subscriptions, as a percentage of total circulation, are much too low when you compare the ratio to other automotive enthusiast magazines like Sport Compact Car, Super Street, Turbo & Hi-Tech Performance and Modified Magazine.. so we set out on our task of designing a questionnaire in an attempt to figure out why this is the case.. our objectives are basically:

1. To find out why a consumer would purchase an issue of DSport Magazine from a store for $6.99, yet not subscribe.
2. To find out why a consumer WOULD subscribe.

Normally, I wouldn’t have blog’ed about it, but we fell behind a little bit so now we’re in a rush to collect data. We’ll need to start analyzing data by next week. So I’mnow asking for YOUR help.

Ideally, it would be best if YOU have purchased an issue of DSport Magazine or at least seen/read the magazine before. If not, you can still help if you subscribe, purchased, or have seen/read a comparable magazine, such as Sport Compact Car, Super Street, Turbo & Hi-Tech, or Modified Magazine.

The questionnaire takes about 3-4 minutes to complete.. there will also be a drawing for participants. If you choose to participate in the drawing, you will be asked for some contact information at the end of the survey. Contact information is separeted from the survey results so as to maintain privacy and anonimity. None of this data will be sold or shared with anyone except for DSport Magazine/IDRC. If you choose NOT to participate in the drawing, you will not be asked for any contact information. Mike hasn’t finalized the prizes for the drawing, but he told me that first prize will probably be a set of Rota wheels, unless they can get something better.. of course, you CAN just take the survey just to help..

The survey can be reached here:

There should be a link to it from DSport’s website by tomorrow or Monday.

Thanks for your help. If there’s interest, I’ll post the results in about a month after we finish our report and presentation.

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