Another Picture of Canon’s 20D Replacement: The 35D?

UPDATE September 18,2006: Click here for latest Canon 40D and Canon 7D rumors!

UPDATE August 24, 2006: Start here for the latest Canon leaks!

I saw this pic a while ago but was skeptical about putting it up because it just looked too much like a “spy photo” to really be a spy photo, if that makes sense.. anyway, I got a comment today on my previous Canon 35D post:

Brian Says:
January 31st, 2006 at 1:07:23 PM e
The top picture though seems pretty clearly to be a PS’ed 5D/20D amalgam. How else do you explain the v. awkward transition between the flash and the lens-mount?

So I took a closer look and I’ll admit, it does look like an akward transition between the flash and lens-mount.. I didnt really notice it before because the area I had previously been focusing on was where the lens mount transitions into the body (where the lens release button, flash button, and DOF preview button is).. if you compare the 20D to the “35D”, you’ll see that the 20D has a more “angular” or blocky transition from lens-mount to body. But if you look at the “35D”, you’ll see that its much “smoother”. This, in no way resembles a Canon 5D. Also, the control dial on the “35D” more closely resembles the dial on the Canon 350D Digital Rebel. The Canon 5D and 20D share a similar looking dial without the chrome edge.

I won’t rule out that these pictures could be “photoshopped” images. However, if they are, I’m very impressed with them. I’m also putting up the “spy photo” that was circulated on the internet prior to the one I posted before.. heck, I’ll put them both up so you can see that the “spy photo” and the “good” photo are very very similar..

Canon 35D Spy Photo
Canon 35D “spy photo”, probably taken with a camera phone?

“Good” photo of Canon 35D

You be the judge..

UPDATE 02/08/06: Canon may introduce Canon 20D successor on Feb more here

UPDATE 02/17/06: Latest “leaked” image of the Canon 20D successor, THE CANON 30D!

UPDATE 02/18/06: Latest news here, but it looks like its going to be called the Canon 30D. Also Canon will be releasing at least 2 new lenses, the EF-S 17-55mm and most likely an EF 85mm f1.2L MkII.. read more here

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