Canon To Announce 20D Successor on Feb 21st?

UPDATE September 18,2006: Click here for latest Canon 40D and Canon 7D rumors!

UPDATE August 24, 2006: Start here for the latest Canon leaks!

I googled a bit but couldnt find any credibile information about a Canon press conference in Norway on February 21st, 2006, but, a Norwegian photography magazine blog says:

The invitation from Canon Norway to photo press journalists in Norway states though that Canon in fact will introduce a “new” DSLR. Canon will also present new lenses (they are not specific on the number), compact cameras, projectors, printers and multi purpose machines.

Additionally, they mention that the Canon 35D should be 10MP. Where I think they go astray is where they claim that it will be a 1.3x sensor. I really doubt that. They also claim that “two sources” have confirmed that the images posted on their site depict the actual Canon 20D successor.

For those of you who have been in a cave or under a rock, you can see pictures of the “Canon 20D Successor” or “Canon 35D” (if you choose to believe the rumors) here.

Although I’m excited at the prospect of a Canon 20D successor, I took my camera out of my bag this evening just to mess around with it.. I’d still have to say that I’m still really impressed with the Canon 20D. I had a Canon Digital Rebel 300D for a little over one year and during that time, there were a few things that bugged me about the 300D, in this order:

    – Could not manually set AI Servo focus mode (Sports mode would enable it, but at the cost of ISO400)
    – 2.5 frames per second with a buffer good for 4 shots is damn near useless for sports (in my case, motorsports)
    – 2-3 second start up time (forced me to set my auto shutoff at 5 minutes)
    – Unacceptable image noise at ISO400 and above
    – Sllllooooowww CF write speeds

Based on that list, the Canon 20D still fits my needs perfectly. If Canon didn’t announce a successor, it wouldn’t bother me. But knowing Canon, I’m positive they’ll want to respond to Nikon’s D200.

We’ll see on Feb 21st, I guess..

UPDATE 02/17/06: Here’s the latest “leaked” image.. it looks a lot like the “cell phone” spy pic and the “35D & 20D” picture.. there are differences though.. read more here!

UPDATE 02/18/06: Latest news here, but it looks like its going to be called the Canon 30D. Also Canon will be releasing at least 2 new lenses, the EF-S 17-55mm and most likely an EF 85mm f1.2L MkII.. read more here

2 thoughts on “Canon To Announce 20D Successor on Feb 21st?

  1. dude, just keep the 20D and buy a film SLR.
    I’m perfectly happy with my D100 and when I need higher resolution, I use slide film in my F80s instead anyway, it’ll be awhile before digital catch up to the resolution of scanned slides at ISO50.

  2. Well, the reason I like digital photography is the instant gratification. When I used to own film P&S cameras, it was rare I’d even develop the rolls I shot. Granted, its easier now to get film developed (and faster), but it just wasnt as “fun” because you couldnt see your results right away. Also, the thought of shooting a whole roll then finding out later not every shot was perfect (which they never are for me) would bug the crap out of me..

    I’m totally satisfied with my 20D.. when I shot pics at the D1 event in Dec, thats when I really valued the speed (5fps) of the 20D.. at that point, I just couldnt go on with my 300D.. getting the 20D successor wont be a priority.. but if its possible to do it without paying anymore than I already have, then I will 😆

    Resolution is actually a minor concern.. its not important for me for the size of prints I make.. but it could be if I were to shoot covers or full page photos for the magazine, which I doubt I ever will :lol:..

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