Canon 30D? Not 35D?

UPDATE Sept 18th, 2006: Click here for latest Canon rumors!

UPDATE August 24th, 2006: Start here for the latest Canon leaks!

I saw this pic over at dpreview. Of course, all the Canon 20D luddite owners were claiming it was a photoshop. But the image of this camera looks like the other 2 photos I posted earlier. Although the camera, for the most part, resembles a Canon 20D, where it stands out is the control dial. The Canon 20D’s control dial is up against the built-in flash some more, sitting in a “cut out” and farther from the edge (where the strap loop is). If you look at this picture, the control dial is closer to the edge and doesn’t “cut into” the built-in flash section. Where this camera differs from the one I posted earlier is the red-eye reduction “lamp”. In this “new” image, the RER lamp is in the same spot as the Canon 20D. In the previous picture, it doesnt even look like there is a red-eye reduction lamp. In fact, it looks more like an infrared sensor for like a wireless remote.

Additionally, if you compare this “new” picture of a “Canon 30D” to the “cell phone” image, the control dial is in the same spot. And although its kind of hard to tell, I think all 3 pictures of the “Canon 35D” or “Canon 30D” all share the same “smooth” transition from lens mount to camera body. If you look at the Canon 20D’s body, its much more pronounced with a very distinct transition. And lastly, the actual “EOS 30D” badge is shaped differently from the “35D and 20D” picture. But, the EOS 30D badge appears to be the same as the one in the “cell phone” picture. As I’ve said before, we’ll find out on February 21st when Canon makes the official announcement.

I totally would’ve thought they would’ve used the “Canon 35D”. Using the Canon 30D name, there will no doubt be confusion with Canon’s old D30. Just think of the havoc it’ll cause on eBay and DPreview :roll:..

Here’s the pic.. I’ve also attached the previous 2 pics for comparison purposes, once again..

Canon 30D?!

Latest image of Canon 20D successor, the Canon 30D


Look at the control dial, same as the above pic.. but the red-eye reduction lamp is different.. hmm


The original cell phone pic of what was largely believed to be the Canon 35D.. although I guess it could’ve always been a ‘0’ under photoshopped piece of pink tape

EDIT 02/17/2006: Check out this website, they’re advertising the EF-S 10-22mm.. its in German (I think).. but if you scroll down to the description, it says something about “Canon 20D und Canon 30D” (probably that the EF-S will fit the Canon 20D and Canon 30D).. here’s the text :

Das Canon EF-S USM 3,5-4,5 / 10-22, ist speziell und ausschlie├člich f├╝r den Einsatz an den digitalen Spiegelreflexkameras EOS 20D und EOS 30D konzipiert. Das Objektiv fokussiert dank Canon Ultraschallmotor (USM) Technologie besonders schnell und leise. Die Bildqualitaet ist mit der hochwertigen Canon L-Serie vergleichbar.

UPDATE 02/18/06: Latest news here, but it looks like its going to be called the Canon 30D. Also Canon will be releasing at least 2 new lenses, the EF-S 17-55mm and most likely an EF 85mm f1.2L MkII.. read more here

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