Latest Canon Camera Rumors: Canon 7D and Canon 40D

UPDATE September 19, 2006 : The rumors are flying now.. click here to read the lastest rumor.. this lends much more credibility to the rumor below.. click here to read and judge for yourself..

Latest rumors are:

Canon EOS 40D
Launch Date: 9/26/2006
Rumored Features:
10MP CMOS Sensor (no surprise here since the Digital Rebel XTi – or Canon EOS 400D if you prefer – is going 10MP)
Anti-Dust feature (same as the Digital Rebel XTi / Canon EOS 400D)
2.5″ LCD (nothing new)
9 focus points (same as before and same as Digital Rebel XTi / Canon EOS 400D?)
5 frames per second (same as Canon 30D?)

Based on the leaked information, there doesnt seem to be much to write home about the Canon EOS 40D aside from the 10MP CMOS sensor. So.. given that Canon has released 3 point and shoot cameras (SD800IS, SD900, SD40) recently, all with the new DiGIC III image processor, I’d go out on a limb here and say that the Canon EOS 40D will have DiGIC III.. and because of this, I would think that the ISO sensitivities would be re-worked somehow.. maybe ISO6400? ISO50? Maybe 1/3 stop increments from ISO1600 to ISO3200? since the DiGIC III will probably make a giant leap (ok, small step?) towards better image quality in lower light situations.. who knows.. I’ll post more as I find more rumors.. although based on this rumor, we only have a week or so to wait until we find out.. but based on this small tidbit of information, I don’t think I’d upgrade my Canon EOS30D to the new Canon EOS 40D. In fact, it does seem like Canon is playing a little catch-up with Nikon’s D200. Instead of coming out with a new product based on their (Canon’s) time table, they’re forced to increase new cameras with incremental, rather than revolutionary, changes. Just my $0.02.

Canon EOS 7D
Launch Date: Q1 2007
Rumored Features:
Similar to Canon EOS 5D
Physically smaller than Canon EOS 5D
Price: ~$2,100 USD

So based on this rumor, it seems as though the long awaited “low cost” Canon 5D may materialize in Q1 2007 (probably to coincide with PMA 2007?). Not sure what features they can strip out of the Canon 5D, but it looks as though they will in fact be doing this. Because based on the rumors, I dont see much that would justify such a sharp decrease in price. We still have about 3-5 months to figure this one out.. so stay tuned for more rumors later..

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