Da Truth Cometh

Wey sent me a link a while back to a blog called Da Truth. That day, I read through the whole blog (not that many posts at the time). A few days later, Ed sent me the same link.

Ed said that Da Truth was the “buzz” of the “industry”.. at least at the time. A few days later, I read Eric Hsu’s blog and low and behold, a post about Da Truth. So I asked Ed if he knew who Damessenjah (the person behind Da Truth) was. He said that the people he who spoke to thought it was most likely Mike, since everyone knows Mike loves to talk about Primedia (publishers of Import Tuner, Turbo Magazine, Stupid Street, SCC, among other titles). I knew it wasn’t Mike since he’s too busy publishing DSport Magazine. But I figured I’d call Mike to get his take on the blog. He checked it out and called me back laughing his ass off. He said he didn’t know who it was, but he thought that “guy” was awesome. I asked Mike if he thought he knew who it was and he had an idea of who it MAY be.

The more I read Da Truth, the more I think Mike is right. Regardless, Da Truth does a good job of exposing the “industry” (at least certain aspects of it) for what it is. Check it out.. he’s a pretty witty (smart ass) writer and says some funny stuff..

So who is Damessenjah of Da Truth? If anyone cares to wager a guess.. leave me a comment.

2 thoughts on “Da Truth Cometh

  1. Several people have suggested that it may be a former publisher of Import Racer who is no longer involved in the industry because he was more or less run out of it. If he posts anything negative about a certain magazine of which he was announced as the editor of for 1 day, then we will know for certain…

  2. Interesting.. I didnt know there was some drama behind Import Racer.. but I just saw that they are in So Cal.. I dont remember why, but for some reason, I thought Damessenjah was from San Diego.. but I could be way off..

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