Updating my theme.. Done

I had been using the same theme for.. oh, I dunno.. 4 years? So as WordPress has been updated, my theme has worked, but it was missing some of the added functionality that newer versions of WordPress offered.. so I’m updating my theme.. I went to WordPress Themes and picked out a few I liked (mainly 3 column layouts).. I played with a couple which didnt really work, then I tried to modify my AdSense and I think I screwed something up.. so although I’m working on it now.. if its not fixed by the time you read this.. you know why..

Update: Its usable.. I still have some edits to make, but for the most part, it looks OK.. I dont really follow WordPress development.. but with the release of v2.3 or maybe v2.2, WordPress will notify you via your admin screen when you’re due for an update.. so on the rare occassion I sit down and update WordPress, I’m always amazed at the WordPress community and all the plug-ins and widgets that people create.. this theme is based on WuCoco designed by Mike Lococo. Thanks, Mike.

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