New and Improved DSport Magazine

I just got an email from David Rahemi, Sales Director for Hard Media Inc, publisher of DSport Magazine, stating that starting with the April 2008 issue, they’ll be rolling out a new look for the magazine.


DSport Magazine – April 2008 Cover A


DSport Magazine – April 2008 Cover B

I like it. I think it looks very professional and a little “J” (thats J for Japanese).. only, more professional. The new look was designed by Kevin Convertito, who originally designed Import Tuner when it was launched many ages ago by the same crew that brought you Turbo Magazine (before McMullen Argus originally bought them). It’s ironic that Kevin was the one who re-designed DSport considering I, and many I have spoke to, have long felt that DSport’s “look” closely resembled Import Tuner (I havent seen Import Tuner in a while though since I was removed from the comp list and would never pay $8 or whatever they charge for it).

I’m sure the inside of the magazine will hold the most improvement. I remember flipping through some old DSport mags thinking that some of the stories had some funky graphics. I personally felt it was hard to read, but I figured I wasn’t the “target market”.

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