Photography Tutorials (Food & Flash)

I’ve never really shot food pics.. in fact, its not something I would place high on my Photography To Do list.. but I’ve been asked to shoot some food for a restaurant. I won’t be getting paid, which is fine, since I wouldn’t even consider getting paid unless I was the Ansel Adams of Food, or at least close to it..

So in my search for tips on photographing food, I found a pretty good tutorial. It was originally “started” in October 2007. It looks like there were 4 “classes”. Participants posted pics to a Flickr group for critique. In any case, I found the tutorials pretty informative and useful. Check it out if you ever want to get serious about food photography:

And while I’m on the topic of photography tutorials.. if you ever wanted to learn serious flash photography from a newspaper photographer photojournalist, check out the Strobist.. last I checked, he had a tutorial once per year with a new lesson each week. His basic concept was that as a newspaper photographer, he couldn’t pack a crapload of gear. So he had to work with what he had, which was usually one flash. He explains Light very well. Check it out too if you’re in the checking-out kind of mood: The Strobist.

I’ll add some Food pics to my JAlbum if I have any worth sharing..

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