Mazdaspeed’s Most Elusive Part?

So you fancy yourself a rotary enthusiast (or “rotorhead” as they like to be know) do you? You lust for Mazdaspeed parts like crack to a crack whore? Well, I bet you never seen a rotor like this.. much less a rotor like this AND made by Mazdaspeed.. Check this out:

Yeah, thats right bitch.. a real Mazdaspeed part number and everything

Mazdaspeed Part Number 9AA782710

My Mazdaspeed Rotor has only been out of the bag twice, the 2nd time was today. The first time was because a black widow had crawled in there and died so I had to get it off my my Rotor

And if you doubted the authenticity of this Mazdaspeed Rotor, doubt no more.. he’s even got a Mazdaspeed tag on his ass

Either Ed or Jeff picked this up for me while they were in Japan. I’m thinking it was Ed. He also brought back a Mazda ashtray in the shape of a rotor, a Mazdaspeed ashtray, some Mazdaspeed stickers, and I think a Japanese Mazdaspeed catalog. This was probably back in like 1996 or 1997. I’ve seen the ashtrays in use by people over the years. But I’ve never seen the Mazdaspeed “stuffed” rotor.. ever. When I got it, I referred to him as Robbie the Rotor. It’s always stuck with me. So unless someone knows what his real name is, I’ll just keep calling him Robbie. 😎

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