Jericho Cancelled by CBS.. again

I cant believe the people who run CBS. They have their head so far up their ass, they dont know a good thing because they cant see it.

Needless to say, I’m a little peeved Jericho has been cancelled.. again. The fans saved it the first time, hopefully they can do it again. Help me. Join me in my fight to preserve all that is good on CBS.

But in all seriousness, I liked the show because it explored a topic that most Americans would never even think about.. basically, war on your own turf.. or civil war.. I liked it.. it was one of the few shows I HAD to watch that day (I DVR all my shows) so I could go to work to talk about it.

Sound weird? If so, then that means you don’t know Jericho. Go to and check out the episodes (full length). Then go to:

And file a complaint and tell CBS that they are idiots for canning Jericho after 1.5 seasons.

CBS sucks.

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