Canon 1D Mark IIIN?

Just read this over at but someone had posted this image of a “Canon 1D Mark IIIN” showing up in their inventory system at work.. with PMA around the corner, I wouldn’t doubt it.. Canon needs to do something to the 1D quick to compete with Nikon’s latest offerings..

Commenters over at questioned the “4,240 Euro” price tag associated to the Canon 1D Mark IIIN in the pictured screen.. however, if I recall correctly, Canon doesnt seem to give Europeans the benefit of the Euro:USD exchange rate and quite often will suggest a selling price (MSRP) in Euros that is equal to the USD MSRP.. as evidenced here at DPReview.. the Canon 50D’s USD MSRP is $1,299 while the Euro MSRP is also 1,299.

So if we figure an approximate $4,299 USD MSRP for the Canon 1D Mark IIIN.. thats about right, considering the Canon 1D Mark III’s MSRP is/was $3,999 USD.


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