Kumakubo Drifting the Yukes/Takakaira Subaru WRX STi @ Irwindale

This is actually an “old” picture (shot 12/17/2005), but this is another one of my favorites. It has nothing to do with photographic ability or skill, other than possibly “timing”. But these guys (the Subaru drivers) were putting up so much smoke, it would’ve been hard to capture an image without a large amount of smoke.

The first time I saw these guys, you could instantly tell they were going much faster (higher entry speed) than most of the other drivers on the track (especially the US drivers).

Its a shame the Subarus only make it out twice a year (beginning and end of the year) for the D1 Grand Prix events.

This image was published in DSport magazine and I think its on the front page (the subscription button or something). Just checked and its not THIS image, but one of the many I did capture that day of this car

The image was processed (again) using Adobe Lightroom, cropped, sharpened, contrast’ed, saturated, and whatever else I could adjust to make it look better. It was shot with Ed’s Canon EOS 20D and his 70-200 f2.8L IS USM.

DSport’s Nissan Skyline GT-R

After class, I drove down to DSport to hang out while they worked on the D1 event program. I brought along my camera gear because I was hoping there’d be something to shoot.. anyway, while I was there, I went back to Mike’s house to pick up his Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R.. we drove back in it, but since it never warmed up, he never got on it.. I was really suprised at how loud the Hollinger transmission is though.. he just put it back together, but last week he took it up to Palmdale (LACR) to run some quarter miles.. on his first pass, he ran a 9.97 with a 1.85 sixty foot (he normally launches with 1.60 60-foots).. anyhow, after that 9 second pass, he wasn’t allowed to run anymore because he didnt have a certified roll cage.. prior to taking it to the track, he tuned it on XS Engineering’s dyno.. 879whp at about 3 bar.. since he’s running a 2.8 liter now, the peak torque increased a lot and came on about 600 RPM sooner.. also, at about 6k RPM, horsepower was increased by about 200whp.. pretty impressive.. you can read all about it in the next issue though..

Anyway, I shot some pics while I was there.. both to show Mike that Canon’s high ISO performance is pretty impressive and just to mess around with my camera.. when I told him I was going outside to shoot some pics, he said, “in the dark?” and I said, “yeah.. ISO3200, baby”.. here’s the shot.

dsport skyline

This was shot with my Canon 20D and Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens (ISO3200, 1/20, f/3.5, handheld, no flash, USM in CS2)

Here’s a crop of the sky with a part of the Skyline’s windshield in it to show you where its cropped from..


After that, I went inside and grabbed Mike’s tripod and shot a few on the tripod.. not that impressed, but its OK, I guess..


Shot with my Canon 20D and Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens (ISO100, 13 second, f/7.1, no flash, USM in CS2)

Anyways.. that’s about it.. tomorrow, I’m heading down to Dynamic Autosports to see what I can shoot there.. Ed’s Peak Performance S14 is being prepped for D1 on March 3rd.. I think his new driver is a dude from Japan, Robbie Nishida with Falken.. I’ll post more pics later..