Latest Canon EOS 40D and Canon EOS 7D Rumor

Update 12/7/07: I’ve done some more “research” and re-iterated some thoughts on the soon-to-be Canon 5D Mark II / Canon 7D / Canon 3D, here

I’ve been sorting through a lot of rumor threads on various internet forums and I found this gem:

Canon EOS 40D
– It will be called the Canon EOS 40D

– 5 frames per second

– DiGIC III – will provide lower noise and higher ISO, quite possibly above 3200, better dynamic range

– Better Auto-Focus system – more focus points and faster AF (DiGIC III)

– An improved 10.1MP (improved upon the one in the Digital Rebel XTi / Canon EOS 400D)

– 1.6x crop image sensor

Additionally, the author of the post said that there is a 12 megapixel 1.6x CMOS sensor currently in testing, but most likely reserved for the Canon EOS 50D. Looking at the list, there’s not much different from my previous post. But since this kind of just reaffirms the previous rumor. Like I said before, the DiGIC III is a given since the last three (3) Powershots, SD900, SD800IS, SD40, all have the DiGIC III processor. Since the Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi comes with a DiGIC II, this would allow Canon to further differentiate the 400D from the 40D, something I think they had difficulty doing with the Digital Rebel XT/Canon EOS 350D. One added “rumor” is the “more focus points”. That would be nice.. maybe the existing focusing system from the Canon EOS 5D (12 points)?

Canon EOS 7D
Nothing majorly new to report on as far as the EOS 7D. Its been widely rumored to be a “5D Lite” or “Low Cost EOS 5D”. I mentioned before that I thought it would be difficult to actually create a “5D Lite” given that, I think, the Canon EOS 5D is already fairly slim on features. HOWEVER, the poster mentioned that the 7D would be a smaller 5D (closer to exisiting 30D size), added anti-dust sensor, DiGIC III, etc. But what is interesting to note is that he mentions that the Canon EOS 5D would be upgraded to 16.2 megapixels, DiGIC III, improved AF, 5fps, etc.

If this “Canon EOS 5D MkII” (or whatever it is to be called) does materialize as rumored, then I think this would be a good alternative to the Canon EOS 1D MkIIn. Although the MkIIn is much faster at 8.5fps, I think I would rather have the 16.2MP full-frame sensor and 5fps than the 8.2MP 1.3x sensor and 8.5fps (although the 8.5fps is intoxicating).

A few more days to go..