2008 IDRC International Finals

It was pretty short notice.. it seemed like this year’s event was a little last-minute.. but it went OK nonetheless. Mike actually asked me to go just to check it out and snap some pics.. to be honest, I wasn’t all that excited. I told him if there was no drifting, then there’d be nothing to watch. He didn’t like that too much and bombarded me with a handful of insults. 😆

After checking out the schedule and since I’m relatively close to Cal/Auto Club Speedway, I figured I’ll check it out in the morning and get home in time to go to a friend’s kid’s birthday party. But I have to say, one big reason I decided to go was because DLo (AKA Eric Hsu) mentioned on his blog that he was going to be taking out the Beast AKA his XS Engineering Skyline R32 GT-R. I’ve seen the car in person many times, but never “mobile”. Plus, Mike and Wen said that they had contacted a handful (10-12) Skyline owners and that they’d come out for the “GT-R Shootout” at the event (it turned out to be a separate heads-up class, basically).

The event was actually much better than I had expected. There were lots of racers/racecars. I also have to hand it to the Honda drag racers who have kept at it. I saw Honda after Honda blast down the quarter mile running 9s and 10s. When I left Saturday morning, the cutoff for the Pro-Am FWD class was at 10.56 or something like that.. very impressive. I also saw a couple Hondas run 9.60s. But the highlight of my day was definitely seeing the R32-R35 Skylines line up and race down the track. One R35 (from Titek?) was running mid 11s and one that looked stock ran a 12.0 while I was there. Wen’s R33 that made 870+ WHP only managed a 12.1 (while I was there) but he figured he had broken something in the driveline, which is why the car was trying to drive itself into the wall. I heard Eric Hsu ended up qualifying Sunday and won the GT-R Shootout with a 10.40 pass.. not bad.

So anyway, here’s some of the images I took in the 2 hours that I was there.. look for full media coverage in an upcoming issue of DSPORT Magazine or on their website, http://www.dsportmag.com

Wen’s HKS turbo.. don’t ask me what size it is, but I’m guessing its a T51R

Hubie Fuh’s 10 second Mini Cooper S.. how about them gypsies, huh Hubie?

An orange Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

TiTek Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R running mid 11s

Speedline Racing & DSPORT’s Wen Lai and his Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

A random 10 second Honda Civic with about 1,100 more feet to go..

A 9? second Scion tC.. who knew it existed? Not me.. but very impressive

All images were shot with my Canon EOS 40D and Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L. Can you tell I’m trying to be more creative in my cropping? 🙂

Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R vs. Porsche 911 Turbo (Videos)


It’s going to be the rivalry that is the topic of GTR discussion for the next few months since Nissan has publicly claimed that one of their objectives was to smoke the “benchmark” Porsche 911 Turbo. I’ve read differing reports, but apparently its already been done at Nurburgring in Germany.

My friend Rich emailed me a couple links tonight from Car Magazine in the UK. They were able to get a hold of the FIRST Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R that was imported into the UK. The owner of the car picked it up and drove it to Rockingham where they were conducting the test. The Porsche 911 Turbo was a “press car” and the commentators mentioned that the car was prepped for this test since Porsche wanted to know what the car would be tested against. Since the Porsche 911 Turbo suffers the “not my car” syndrome, the driver beats on the car for about 6 or 7 laps. His best time was 83.10 seconds (and if you watch the video, you’ll see he had many in the 84 second range).

After some goofing around (to dry the track, they destroy the rear tires of a BMW E92 M3), he jumps in the Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R. It seems like he only does ONE lap, mainly because he’s scared of trashing the car and its brand new and privately owned. But that one lap was 82.10 seconds. Yes, one (1) full second faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo. And again, this was his one and only lap. Even after getting out of the car, he felt the car could’ve gone faster if he could spend more time with it.

Anyhow, watch the video. The BMW E92 M3 makes a good drift car.

Part I: The Porsche 911 Turbo @ Rockingham, inner track, 83.10 seconds best lap

Part II: The Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R @ Rockingham, inner track, 82.10 seconds best lap

Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R Racecar!

I was cruising Eric Hsu’s site and saw this pic. I jacked it, but I know Eric jacked it from somewhere too. In fact, if I know him as well as I think I know him, he would be proud I jacked it from him. Anyhow, if I was racing in Super GT, I’d be crapping my pants right now. Currently ranked #1 in Super GT is the Autobacs Racing Team Aguri and their Arta NSX. I have a lot of respect for the NSX.. but like I said before, all hail the new King.

Old School

New School

I can picture it now.. its like when my ex-coworker used to go on and on about his Corvette (pre-Z06, whatever that was) and how he could smoke anything and this and that.. and then he turned to me and said, while chuckling, “bet ain’t no import can do that, yuk yuk yuk..”.. so I looked up at the sky for a minute.. scratched my wanna-be goatee and said.. “well, actually.. my friend’s 94 Toyota Supra makes 750 horsepower to the wheels on race gas.. but if you ever catch him on the street, he’s probably not running race gas, in which case he’s probably only making like 650 horsepower to the wheels because he had to turn down the boost”.. it was pure joy to watch his stupid grinning face disintegrate into a look of pure sourness and disgust..

Yeah, that’s what I think of when I imagine the look on the Arta NSX driver’s face when the Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R Racecar rolls out of the semi trailer and fires up the Nissan IRL V8.. I’d pay to be there to photograph it. :mrgreen:

If you have time, check out Eric’s other post about wack stuff he saw at SEMA.. if you’ve never met Eric, trust me when I say he writes EXACTLY how he speaks in real life.. typos n’ all 😆

Japanese Supercar Comeback? The 2009 Nissan Skyline GTR


0-60 in 3.5 seconds
11.7 second quarter mile
192 MPH top speed
473 hp/433 lb-ft

Autoweek has more information and pictures posted

From what I’ve heard, when Nissan commissioned the design of the cylinder heads and block, the design spec specified that it must be able to handle 1,000 horesepower. With the stock configuration putting out 473 horsepower with 11 second quarter mile performance, I can’t wait until someone who “knows what to do with it” gets a hold of that car.

Hopefully Toyota has something lined up that will be just as exciting when the Supra makes a return. If they stick to the normally aspirated route, then they’re just plain stupid.

All hail the new King.

Blitz Racing Nissan Skyline R34



Well, since there has been no Canon EOS 40D announced at PMA (yet, fingers crossed), I figure I’d post a picture (you guys probably didnt think I actually shot pictures, huh?).

This image was shot during the NASCAR vs D1: “Drift vs Grip” exhibition promoted by Kasey Kahne for his charity foundation. This was back in August 31st 2006, but its one of my favorite pictures.

Its not as (consistently) sharp as it could’ve been, but thats probably due to the combination of:

. shallow depth of field due to being forced to shoot at f2.8
. shooting at ISO1250 or 1600, maybe 3200.. too lazy to look it up, but it was Noise Ninja’ed.. or maybe it was Noiseware Pro’ed..
. shooting at 1/100 shutter because thats all I could muster given the poor night time lighting at Irwindale

In any case, its one of my favorite, thus far..

I posted this using the “Blog This Photo” feature on Flickr.. pretty cool.. maybe I’ll make more use of it in the future..
EDIT: Photo was shot at ISO1600, 70mm, 1/100, noise reduction by Noiseware Pro in Photoshop CS2, cropped