Windows 7 + Netbook: Is it fast enough?

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a netbook.. my biggest issue, however, is that I dont really know what I’d do with it.. talking to other people who are using netbooks, they all claim that it works great for “everyday” tasks and some “light” photoshopping..

I currently have a beater laptop that I keep laying around for precisely these tasks.. I dont want to “pollute” my Lenovo T61 that I use for real work by firing up Photoshop CS4 when I need it.. so how would a netbook compare to this beater? The beater is a Toshiba Tecra M2 with Centrino 1.6GHz and 1GB of RAM and an nVidia FX5200 GPU.. not a speed demon, but it gets the basic stuff done.. the problem in comparing an Atom 1.6Ghz to a Centrino 1.6GHz is that most benchmarks for the Atom 1.6GHz are using different benchmarking tools than when the Centrino 1.6GHz was benchmarked some 4-5 years ago..

Anyhow, being that my Tecra M2 is a beater.. I put Windows 7 on it a few weeks ago.. here’s how it fared in the Windows Experience Index:

2.9 Processor

4.1 Memory

2.0 Graphics

2.4 Gaming graphics

2.0 Hard disk

So I was surprised to come across this post at jkOnTheRun detailing their experience on installing Windows 7 on an MSI Wind U100 (which is exactly the netbook I’d be interested in).. here’s their Windows Experience Index:

2.2 Processor

4.5 Memory

2.3 Graphics

3.0 Gaming graphics

4.9 Hard disk

So, it looks like a netbook MAY be able to replace my beater.. but it is a little slower (2.9 vs 2.2 on the Processor index).. although the MSI Winds come with a factory overclock of 25%.. which should put it up in the same leagues as my beater..

Speaking of MSI Winds.. here’s the new U120 model, listed at $380 @ Amazon.. this is the one I’d get.. in gray, if I were to get one.. which I will, as soon as I can figure out a reason to get one.. hahah

On second thought.. dont get a U120.. it comes with 1GB and its NOT expandable.. see more here.